VIP: Bad TV Show Even WORSE Game

VIP is a game based on a TV show about a personal security agency from Beverly Hills. Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, V.I.P on the PS1 is what happens you take one part rhythm game (DDR), one part shooting game (Virtua-Cop), and one part beat em up (Die Hard Arcade). Just blend it all together and!

“Kill meeeee…”

Now look, you may be thinking that this game is going to be a straight forward homage to what the TV show was all about. Which was just… Stylish bodyguards. Solving crimes? Stylishly? Look, the show wasn’t all that good.  Best case: maybe it’s a lazy but passable slapped-together action game, right? No. It’s worse. 

There are good games, there are bad games and then there are Just Bad Games. Just Bad Games is a Rerez web-series that takes a look at some of the unnoticed bad games in video game history. As part of our review process we ensure we play through the entire game regardless of how difficult it may be on our souls. This ensures we have squeezed out every possible bad element of these Just Bad Games to showcase them to you – the viewer. If there’s a game you think should be covered as part of this series be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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