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SNK has been back in the hardware business for a little while now. They made a splash in retro gaming circles with their NEOGEO Mini in 2018. And now they’ve taken their efforts one step further. Let’s get into our NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro review.

Everything the Mini didn’t have

The NEOGEO Mini was an interesting device but it lacked some features that long time fans upset. Gamers who grew up playing the AES at home or MVS in arcades they were used to a certain type of experience with NEOGEO products. Namely, a clicky joystick. Both the NEOGEO Mini and the NEOGEO Mini Pad lack any click in their joysticks and thumbsticks respectively. The Mini also lacked the level of visual settings that other mini consoles had. And the HDMI out to your TV also had issues. 

But now with the Arcade Stick Pro all of those problems are resolved. The joystick? Clicky. The visual settings? Plentiful. And the HDMI out? No noticeable issues. This really does feel like SNK’s response to people who had a lot of criticisms of the NEOGEO Mini. 

The stats

The NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro comes with 20 built in games. If you’re into fighting games then good news, all 20 titles are fighting games. If you’re a fan of SNK’s action games like Metal Slug and Shock Troopers then you may be a little disappointed. Included games come from such series as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and World Heroes. The console defaults to the Japanese version of the games but you can often change the region in the menu.

The Arcade Stick Pro runs on USB power and hooks up to your TV using HDMI. You can play the built in games using the built in arcade stick or there are two USB C ports on the front for NEOGEO Mini Pads. The Arcade Stick Pro is also a USB controller you can use on PC or on the Arcade Stick Pro! You can link two Arcade Sticks using the USB-C port on the back of Player One’s console.


NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro. The hardware is solid and the games run great. If you’re a fan of arcade sticks and looking to pick something up this is a pretty good option. An even better option if you’re a fan of SNK fighting games. It’s high quality hardware that also comes with a high quality price tag. But if it sounds good to you and the price is right then maybe give it a look. 

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