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Last week we had PlayStation’s latest State of Play presentation. We assumed that was all we would hear from the brand until the new year. But today they announced a new add on for the PlayStation 4’s controller. Meet the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment.

What it does

According to PlayStation.Blog the back button attachment is for, “gamers of all skill levels who enjoy playing competitively”. This is delivered through the two reconfigurable back buttons that are nestled behind the handles of the DualShock. There is also a large OLED screen where you can set the functions of the buttons. 

We won’t be able to try out the back button until January 23, 2020 when the device hits stores. But just looking at the images in the commercial it makes you wonder what this will feel like to use. The OLED screen looks like it might make this awkward to hold. Also the responsiveness of the buttons is important to how this feels in the hands. PlayStation claims they are responsive so we shall see when it comes out.

Why now?

This seems like an odd time to announce a new peripheral for PlayStation 4. They just had a large announcement presentation last week. And not only that but it’s a product that won’t go on sale until the big holiday shopping blitz has ebbed. So where is the benefit in them releasing this with less than a year out from the PlayStation 5? Well one theory is the back button attachment is a primer to get consumers ready for the DualShock 5! Thoughts are that the next generation controller will have additional buttons on the back that will add new functionality to games. And they’ve released this current gen add-on to get gamers used to it.

Whatever the reason for its existence we do know it’s dropping on January 23. Will competitive gamers find it useful? Will more casual gamers find it appealing? We’ll find out soon.

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